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Operation steps:

1. Do your design in CAD and save as .dxf, if you have an image (a pixel
   file, also called raster), you can convert that to a vector file with
   some kind of raster to vector conversion software. These software are
   available on online, some are free, others you need to pay.

2. Process your vector file with a CAM software. CAM software can add lead
   in/out points, arrange nesting, post G-code for you. If your part is
   small, you can also ask the CAM software to generate micro bridge for

3. Read the G-code to your waterjet machine controller. Some controller will
   allow you do simulation or dry run to see if the cutting will be as

4. Decide whether you want underwater cutting or not and set the water level
   in your catch tank accordingly. In manual mode, move your waterjet
   cutting head to the starting point and set this point as your workpiece

5. Switch your waterjet to auto mode, and start cutting from here.